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Elizabeth Blue Exclusive Clip: Ignore The Hallucinations

Vincent Sabella's drama Elizabeth Blue will open in select U.S. cinemas on September 22nd. Screen Anarchy has been given an exclusive clip to share with you today. You will find it and a the trailer below.    Recently released from a psychiatric hospital, Elizabeth (Anna Schafer) returns to her Los Angeles apartment where she lives with her fiancé, Grant (Ryan Vincent).   With the guidance of her new psychiatrist, Dr. Bowman (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), and the unfaltering support of Grant, Elizabeth works at regaining control of her mental stability and her life as she begins to plan their wedding.   Struggling to navigate daily voices, hallucinations, anxiety, failing medications and her judgmental, unsupportive mother, Carol (Kathleen Quinlan), Elizabeth fears that Grant will leave her as she...

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