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Doctor Who and tabloid rumours: when have they got it right?

Mark Harrison Aug 24, 2017

When have tabloid rumours been spot on about Doctor Who, and when have they been, er, less accurate?

“Look Who's the Doc's new assistant!” On Tuesday, the Mirror's front page trumpeted an exclusive reveal that Bradley Walsh would be Jodie Whittaker's companion in the new series of Doctor Who.

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The one-time Sarah Jane Adventures guest star would be the first companion actor to have hosted a quiz show with the same name as a 1960s serial, but beyond trivia, the report has been fairly well received as far as we can see – Walsh is a decent actor, who's worked with incoming executive producer Chris Chibnall before on Law & Order UK, and a fun screen presence. But given the source, might it all be a load of bobbins?

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