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‘Westworld,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘This Is Us’: 3 New Shows Battle for Makeup Emmy

‘Westworld,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘This Is Us’: 3 New Shows Battle for Makeup Emmy

Game of Thrones” has ruled the non-prosthetic makeup Emmy category for four out of its six seasons — winning Emmys the last two years in a row. But the race is wide open this season during its hiatus, with the nominees ranging from perennials “Vikings” (its fourth nomination) and “Penny Dreadful” (its first nomination) to newcomers “Westworld,” “Stranger Things,” and “This Is Us.”

While the Norse-driven “Vikings” (“All His Angels”) offered lots of tattoos, scars, and blood, and the supernatural “Penny Dreadful” (“Perpetual Night”) boasted a rogues gallery of scars, creepy flesh, and gore, the race will come down to sci-fi dual universes and time-hopping family drama.

Westworld” (“The Original”)

Christien Tinsley and his team (Myriam Arougheti, Gerald Quist, Lydia Milars, Ed French) forged new territory in finding a balance between beauty, period, reality, and fantasy for characters in the western theme park and mechanistic programming center. In order to conceptualize

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