‘Alien: Covenant’ Blu-Ray Review

The Movie:

In concept, ‘Alien: Covenant‘ is what ‘Prometheus‘ should have been. In many regards, the film is a vast improvement over it’s predecessor. It’s also better than many people are giving it credit for. Instead of focusing more on the philosophical aspects of the story, this film is a straight up Alien movie, and that’s a good thing. Unlike it’s predecessor, ‘Alien: Covenant‘ feels like it’s a return to form for both the franchise itself, as well as director Ridley Scott. Set roughly ten years after the events of ‘Prometheus’, the film is both a sequel to that, as well as a prequel to all of the previous Alien movies. But this is also part of the problem with the film, that it can’t quite juggle all of these aspects while also telling it’s own unique story. Despite a few minor flaws,

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