Strike: The Cuckoo’s Calling episode 2 review

Louisa Mellor Aug 29, 2017

Cormoran Strike is a refreshingly old-fashioned kind of Pi. Spoilers ahead in our episode 2 review of The Cuckoo’s Calling…

This review contains spoilers.

It’s rare for TV detectives to be easy to get along with nowadays. In addition to a tragic backstory, the modern variety tends to come equipped with a personality disorder that lends them a usefully unique perspective on crime. A lack of interpersonal skills is crucial. They rub people up the wrong way, don’t play well with others and shrug off relationships in favour of stalking around dockside warehouses at night speaking Danish. Even the non-Scandi ones are, metaphorically, Danish.

Increasingly few twenty-first century TV gumshoes are people you’d sit down with for a pint and a good moan - unpretentious types able to switch off from the job, get pissed and eat a kebab. Di Ellie Miller on Broadchurch is one,

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