Jo Satana’s “All We Have Left Are The Scars” Fantasia 2017 Coverage

Anyone who has ever taken it upon themselves to brave Montreal`s Fantasia film festival leaves with some scars. These scars can be subconscious, from the reptilian awakening that comes with sitting in a dark room occupied by porous, spongy, filmy humanoids. These scars can also be cerebral ones, the result of being subjected to a mind-numbing onslaught of light and sound. They can be existential as well, left from a shattered mind, fractured by having to chose between two films screening at the same time, like a parent having to chose between two drowning children. Or maybe the scars are literal ones, from sores left open by slow, methodical shifting on theatre seat cushions.

In the fifteen years and counting since I`ve been covering this festival, my scars have included any combination of the above. This year however, I found a new source of injury. While I had

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