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The Many Facets of New Argentine Cinema

Mubi's retrospective New Argentine Cinema is playing from August 7 - September 28, 2017 in most countries around the world. La CiénagaBeginning in the mid-1990s, young directors, the majority of whom had graduated from one of many film schools in Argentina, began producing low-budget, independent films in a style that earned this group the classification of the New Independent Argentine Cinema.Part of this upsurge had to do with a small grants program that was initiated by the National Film Institute (Incaa) in the mid-1990s. These recent graduates have made short films (cortometrajes), and then have gone on to raise funds through co-production funding (Hubert Bals Fund at the Rotterdam film festival, the Visions Sud Est program from Switzerland, among others). They have relied on their own networks of like-minded young people rather than depend on the traditional film sector structure (the film union, established director’s associations, and the few

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