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Tiff Review: ‘Verónica’ is an Intense, But Familiar Tale of Demonic Possession

The story goes that the police were dispatched to a Madrid residence in June of 1991 only to find a teenage girl screaming from what appeared to be self-inflicted wounds. Strange phenomena was seen/found throughout the apartment, so much that the detective assigned the case could do nothing but corroborate the paranormal explanation being delivered by those close to the family. Everything supposedly stemmed from a seancé gone wrong three days earlier at the exact time of a solar eclipse. The teen hoped to contact her father only to discover it was something else that responded. A wild story to be sure, the simple fact it proved the first recorded account of the supernatural by a police officer in Spain made it worth a closer look.

The men who dug deeper: director Paco Plaza (one half of the duo behind contemporary horror classic [Rec]) and co-writer Fernando Navarro. They took that

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