Leap! Movie Review – Ballerina Hopeful Is Your New Heroine For The Ages

There’s something about a film focusing on a young, aspiring ballerina in the late 1800s that makes it easy to understand why this animated effort didn’t have the marketing push normally associated with the ventures that come out of the animation behemoths. Leap! is a movie focusing on the struggle of dreams, highlighted by picturesque (and/or dark) scenes of gaslit Paris with the incomplete Eiffel Tower in the background. There aren’t a lot of toys to sell here.

It makes you wish for a different world, like that recent commercial that imagines the day when we celebrate scientists and have their pictures on trading cards.

Felicie (Elle Fanning) is an orphan who lives out her days in a dreary orphanage with her best friend, Victor (Dane DeHaan). She dances the days away while plotting with Victor to escape. She dreams of joining a ballet company in Paris,

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