The First: Sean Penn is heading to Mars in new sci-fi series

Joseph Baxter Sep 21, 2017

Sean Penn is set to star in a space exploration series on Channel 4 called The First, from the creator of House Of Cards...

Sean Penn, the controversial, two-time-Oscar-winning actor who first achieved notable acclaim for playing one-liner-spouting stoner Jeff Spicoli, is about to do something that he’s never done in his storied acting career: headline a television series, specifically, streaming series The First for Channel 4 and Hulu.

Penn, like an increasing amount of A-list actors, will take the television plunge in this new project, which was given a straight-to-series order by the streaming outlet back in May - a space exploration-themed story set in a near-future that will follow humanity’s first mission to colonise Mars.

Interestingly, the visionary behind the series is not one typically associated with the space/sci-fi/adventure genre. Beau Willimon, who is best known as the creator, writer and

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