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Revisiting the Past in Ghost Witch: A Film Review

Director: Joseph Lavender. Writers: Joseph Lavender and Jarrod Musselwhite. Cast: Chase Steven Anderson, Mandi Christine Kerr and Josh Sinyard. Something slightly old is new again. Here, Ghost Witch is a movie made in 2015 which is repackaged. Previously known as The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie, this IndieGoGo funded film might stick. To name a few, it is now available on VOD outlets like Comcast, Amazon and iTunes. Writer/director Joseph Lavender spearheads this independent product which interprets a local urban legend and expands upon it. Sadly, this original story cannot be found online, but the mention of the Church where the ghost is found is revealed during the end credits. This filmmaker succeeds in giving better details to this tale because I love folklore rich in local flavour; and involving Native Americans. Cordele, Georgia is where the real myth came from. Lavender said the location has many different stories tied

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