Three Terrifying Clips For Jeepers Creepers 3 Summon A Dormant Evil

On the eve of release, American Zoetrope and Myriad Pictures have conjured up a trio of terrifying clips for Jeepers Creepers 3, the long-in-development horror flick that’s coming by way of Victor Salva. And therein lies the source of controversy.

Truth be told, the sequel known as Ravenous will soon face another uphill battle if it’s to really attract a mass audience. Jeepers Creepers has always been celebrated as a cult franchise with its own quirks and spooky delights, but the threequel has been a big point of contention amongst horror fans, mostly due to Salva’s heinous crime, for which he served 15 months in state prison. For the record, his victim, Nathan Forrest Winters, has since issued a statement to say that it’s really up to the audience whether they want to catch The Creeper’s resurrection on the silver screen.

Perhaps more than any other horror film in recent memory,

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