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Metal’s Batman-Cyborg Hybrid May Be Comics’ Best Tragedy This Fall

This article contains spoilers.

While everyone is buzzing about what’s going on in the Dark Nights: Metal mainline series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo – and understandably so – it’s hard not to think the various tie-ins are giving their bigger cousin a run for its money. Aside from the “Gotham Resistance” arc that’s unfolding in several ongoing titles from DC, the series of one-shots detailing evil versions of Batman hailing from the Dark Multiverse are proving to be essential reads once they hit stands.

The latest offering, The Murder Machine, spotlights a Batman-Cyborg hybrid that may end up going down as one of the better tragedies this medium has to offer for the remainder of 2017. Granted, we’ve yet to get our hands on any subsequent issues and therefore can’t speak for any of the other Dark Knights, but this particular book came as a

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