Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – The Commuter Review

Villordsutch reviews Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams: “The Commuter”…

The latest serving of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, titled “The Commuter”, was originally published way back in 1953 within the Science Fiction magazine Amazing Stories, and is now brought up to date by Jack Thorne (creator of the excellent Fades) and directed by Tom Harper (Peaky Blinders, Misfits).

Ed Jacobson (played be the brilliant Timothy Spall) is trapped within his own life. His daily job as a train station employee finds him dealing with numerous confused customers, sorting out blocked toilets, and fishing the odd tea-bag out of the bin to satisfy the need for a brew.

Outside of his workplace we discover his home life isn’t any better. The street in which he lives upon is strewn with rubbish, muffled music echoes from random houses and run down cars are parked across pavements. Yet, things become even

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