Review: A Kind of Murder (2017)

Walter Stackhouse (Patrick Wilson) seems to have the perfect life in 1960’s New York. A successful architect who enjoys writing crime fiction stories, his wife Clara (Jessica Biel) is a real estate agent who sells the houses he designs. Behind closed doors it is a different story, as their marriage is strained due to Clara’s deep depression and tormented jealousy.

After reading a news article about a woman who was brutally stabbed to death, Walter becomes obsessed with the crime and as a writer develops his own opinion of what happened. Concluding not only was she killed by her husband Marty Kimmel (Eddie Marsan), but how he committed the murder as well. So confident of his evaluation of the case, Walter even decides to visit Marty at his bookstore, to meet the man he believes killed his wife.

Things soon start to change for Walter however when his wife

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