Smt Thursday Trailers: ‘Tonight She Comes,’ ‘Nails’ and More

Aotn- Smt Heads, usually a film named “Tonight She Comes” would invoke something….well, something else than horror. But, get your mind out of the gutter… Thursday Trailers is always ready to bring the scary and this latest Asylum one-nighter is no different!

Check the trailer for “Tonight She Comes” and its national Cinemark theater listings right now:

Cinemark Theaters and The Asylum (the studio behind Sharknado) have joined forces to present fans with Thursday Nights At The Asylum,a weekly series offering exclusive access to the very best in underground and homegrown horror, thriller, sci-fi and cult cinema. Below you will find information for the second film in the series:

And Frankie Ray

Tonight She Comes Starring Nathan Eswine, Larissa White, Jenna McDonald, Brock Russell, Cameisha Cotton, Adam Hartley, Dal Nicole and Frank Ray Playing Exclusively At Cinemark Theaters On October 5, 2017 After a girl goes missing, two of her

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