Once Upon a Time Might Have Revealed Emma's Fate in the Season 7 Premiere

Ever since Jennifer Morrison announced she would not be returning as a series regular on Once Upon a Time, fans have been in constant turmoil over the fate of her beloved character Emma Swan. Even though the actress is set to return for one episode this season, the show's creators are calling it "an emotional curtain call." As if that didn't already make us uneasy, the season seven premiere includes a major clue about the fate of our beloved Savior. Spoiler: it's not good. While most of the episode is centered on the new characters, the final few minutes include a quick cameo from our beloved heroine. As Roni (aka Regina) gives a heartwarming speech about fighting for what you believe in, Rogers (aka Captain Hook) is seen looking at Emma's picture in Lucy's storybook. Wearing her signature red jacket, Emma appears to be standing in front of a portal.

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