Kevin Smith turned down a Dogma sequel

While Kevin Smith has toyed with the idea of Clerks III and Mallrats 2 in recent years, once View Askewniverse movie he won’t be revisiting is his controversial 1999 comedy Dogma.

Speaking at a Q&A at the New York Comic Con, Smith was asked whether he had any interest in a sequel, shooting down the possibility by responding: “Fuck no. I don’t think we need a Dogma 2. And I am sure as shit not going near any religious movies at this point.”

Smith went on to reveal that the Weinsteins had recently approached him about doing a reissue of the movie, as well as sounding out a potential sequel:

Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein own that movie personally, and what happened is Harvey called up a few months ago and he’s like, ‘We still have Dogma, and maybe we need to make a sequel. I’m like ‘Oh,

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