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Brutally Violent Trailer For Mayhem with Steven Yeun is Like The Office Meets The Purge

I've got a crazy-ass trailer for a balls-to-the-walls action film called Mayhem that is just insanely brutal! The movie is described in one of the reviews as a being like The Office meets The Purge. This is a pretty hardcore trailer that doesn't seem to hold back on the violence. You've got blood splatting all over the place!

As far as the story goes, it centers around an office building full of people being exposed to a deadly virus that causes the infected people to lose their inhibitions and go crazy. The kind of crazy that makes them want to kill each other. It also follows a recently fired employee played by Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and a wronged client who have to fight their way through the madness. It looks like an incredibly entertaining flick worth watching, especially if you're into bloody violent movies. 

The movie co-stars Samara Weaving,

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