Exclusive Interview: Composer Kevin Blumenfeld discusses his work on In the Vault, The Walking Dead Webisodes & More

What happens when a college student is found dead at a party by her dorm hallmates and nobody has a clue who did it? This is the premise of the new drama series, In the Vault currently airing on Complex Networks’ go90 platform. The show’s score was released last week by composer Kevin Blumenfeld whose other credits include go90’s Play by Play and AMC’s The Walking Dead Webisodes. In honor of the release we decided to speak with Kevin about the show’s electronic original score and since October marks the month of the living dead, his work on The Walking Dead Webisodes.

The In the Vault main title theme is pretty powerful, and somewhat sets the tone for the show. Was that a lot of pressure to basically introduce viewers to what the vibe of the show was going to be? How long did it take to score that sequence?

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