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‘The Unraveling’ DVD Review

Stars: Zack Gold, Jason Tobias, Bennett Viso, Bob Turton, Jake Crumbine, James C. Burns, Cooper Harris, George Ketsios, Michael Mercurio, Rachel Clentworth | Written by Thomas Jakobsen, Justin S. Monroe | Directed by Thomas Jakobsen

Michael has been trying to shake his heroin addiction. He has promised his pregnant girlfriend, to whom he is about to marry, that he is clean but that is not quite the truth. His friends stage a fake kidnapping as a prank for his bachelor party and Michael is hooded up and hauled off into the woods. But without his fix Michaels withdrawals start to kick in. After one of his friends is found dead the rest of the group start to feel increasingly scared and tormented and are thrown into a desperate game of survival as the mysterious killer rages on.

So, The Unraveling. Another “kids go to the woods, kids get killed” film. Right? That

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