Mind Blown Arrives on DVD and Digital HD October 24th from Lionsgate

The most catastrophic disasters start in the mind when the sci-fi action thriller Mind Blown arrives on DVD and Digital HD October 24 from Lionsgate. Brought together by a high-tech military organization, a group of telekinetics agree to use their powers for the good of humanity. But when they discover they’ve been tricked into destroying cities and killing innocent civilians, one team member takes matters into her own hands. Originally premiering on Syfy, Mind Blown stars Jessica Uberuaga, Michael Marinaccio, and action staple Luke Goss. Loaded with amazing special effects, the Mind Blown DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98.

A team of telekinetics—code-named Project Mind Blown—has been secretly assembled in a high-tech facility. Their minds have the power to shake the Earth—or bring rain to drought-starved areas. They’ve been told their abilities will be used to do good for humanity. But when

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