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One small step for England, one giant leap for paper aeroplane throwing

When the biggest cheer of a 90,000 seater football stadium comes from paper aeroplanes landing on the pitch, it’s fair to say there’s a problem.

That problem being the English national side. I’m getting bored harping on about how the England team fails to progress or even just to impress. If anything, I feel like we’ve gone backwards over the last couple of years.

Sometimes I watch the tv (because you couldn’t pay me to go watch England during the qualifiers) and I just want to scream. Maybe Gareth Southgate should allow some England fans to facetime into the team meetings to express the nation’s frustrations! They need to know what they are putting all the English fans through. It’s easy for players like Harry Kane and Joe Hart to say things like it was all about qualifying and they’ve managed to do

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