Biff Review: In ‘Sunset Park,’ a Crime Drama Turns into a Nightmare

When Duane Sarcione (Michael T. Weiss) finds himself in the hole with mobster ‘The Sledge’ (Sam Douglas), he has no choice but to run. It’s not a surprising move despite only knowing him for five minutes — gambling has a hold and he’s drowning under the weight of turmoil both in and out of his control. This act, however, isn’t without collateral damage. His wife had already passed away, but his young son Gino (Nolan Lyons) was still around struggling to get through school with the help of his ‘Gramps’ Joe (Robert Miano). Suddenly Gino and Joe are left holding Duane’s debt because ‘The Sledge’ would rather have his hooks in a local than worry about chasing a coward. The ramifications of this new dynamic arrive ten years later.

Writer/director Jason Sarrey’s feature debut Sunset Park picks up with an adult Gino (Michael Trevino) working

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