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Graphic Nature: Artist Laurent Durieux on Creating the Oldboy (2003) Vinyl Score Artwork for Milan Records

Released in 2003, Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy is often heralded as a cult favorite and masterpiece of Korean cinema. Venturing to emotional extremes with its grim violence and extraordinary sadomasochism, it is a film that is compulsive viewing for anyone with a petulance for gore or a good revenge story. As tense as it is tragic, Jo Yeong-wook’s composition work mirrors the film’s dark beauty—filled with melancholic moments and infectious melodies. Looking for a visual artist to complement the project, Milan Records enlisted the talents of Laurent Durieux, whose captivating, lucid style immaculately captured the overcast essence of the film.

Left to his own devices, Durieux was able to showcase a unique, personal perspective of the film without being constricted by the label or design teams. “Milan hardly had any input in the creation of the poster,” informs Durieux. “They trusted me completely and they knew that it is the way I work,

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