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Rollback Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4

And thus, a new era began.

Buffy Season Four is a controversial Season amongst fans. To put it simply – it’s not the favourite for many. This was a bit of an interesting year for the show – for one thing, it lost two of its principle cast members to a newly launched spin-off, the familiar high school location was no more and the characters were officially adults. Times were moving on for Buffy, and the things that we had gotten used to were going to have to change.

Thus, the show moved onto the life of a Slayer at College, and the adventures that ensued. Adventures that are a little, well, daft at times. Don’t get me wrong – Season Four is by no means a failure, and does hit some serious heights on occasion. If anything, it lacks the consistency of Season Three and the brilliance of Season Two.

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