Horror Prequel Leatherface Unveils Two Terrifying Stills On The Eve Of Release; Plus Watch Eerie Clip

Halloween 2017 may belong to Jigsaw, or so Lionsgate would have you believe, but there’s another big-name horror flick ready to swoop into theaters.

Its name? Leatherface, a prequel movie coming by way of Julian Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. Initially released via DirecTV late last month, it’s fair to say that their Texas Chainsaw origin story hasn’t fared particularly well with critics – so far, at least – with our own Matt Donato labeling the spinoff a disappointment.

Nevertheless, with only two days standing between now and Leatherface‘s theatrical debut, the folks at Dread Central have conjured up two terrifying, blood-soaked stills in which our hapless cast begin to get acquainted with the demented Sawyer family. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a nerve-racking clip to peruse. However, the question remains: Who will survive and, dare we say it, what will be left of them?

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