Lesley Sharp webchat – your questions answered on football, female roles and lipsyncing with David Tennant

Currently starring in Simon Stephens’ version of The Seagull, Lesley Sharp talked about creating characters with Mike Leigh, teaming up with Suranne Jones, writing her first novel – and the joy of animated caterpillars

2.23pm BST

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Thanks very much - great questions! It's been lovely. Farewell!

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maxine64 says:

Hi Lesley, I love everything you’ve done, you’re an inspiration. What has been your favourite thing so far, and is there something you’re longing to do but haven’t yet?

Actually, The Seagull is one of the things I've longed to do for a very long time. Going on stage is always a process that causes anxiety and nervousness. You don't know whether you'll end up with something you can wholeheartedly commit to for the length of time you've got to perform it. This has been one of those moments that is intensely pleasurable - the play,

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