Umberto Lenzi Has Passed Away

Whether he was telling stories of the living dead, the supernatural, or human monsters, filmmaker Umberto Lenzi always found a way to draw you in with his genuine enthusiasm behind the lens and a pure passion for cinema that was evident in his work. It is with great sadness, then, that we share the news of Lenzi's passing at the age of 86.

According to multiple sources, including ISTOÉ, report that Lenzi passed away at a hospital in Rome. The specific reason for his passing has not yet been shared with the public.

Lenzi's prolific career as a writer/director spanned five decades, beginning with 1958's An Italian in Greece and concluding with 1992's Mean Tricks. With a career that was truly eclectic, Lenzi made movies for a wide range of sub-genres. He took viewers into the Bond-esque world of espionage with Super Seven Calling Cairo and The Spy Who Loved Flowers,

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