‘Assassin’s Creed Reflections’ Graphic Novel Review

Written by Ian Edginton | Art by Valeria Favoccia | Published by Titan Comics

Creatively, Assassin’s Creed is the gift that keeps on giving. Its core concept, of using the Animus to jump into any specific point of time, is essentially a free licence for creators to have fun. And they have, ever since the game first appeared in 2007. Renaissance Italy. Ancient Egypt. Victorian London. Anything goes. First the games reflected this richness, then later the comics. Titan Comics have put out several series that have all managed to take a different aspect of the mythology and run with it, relatively recently actually having the Templar’s star in their own books. Can you say ‘game changer’.

One of many.

It’s been ten years since that first game, and the creativity just gets better and better. What better way to celebrate than a special collection that features ‘untold’ stories of

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