The End Of The F***ing World: exclusive clip

Louisa Mellor Oct 20, 2017

Morbidly funny, dark, violent comic book adaptation The End Of The F***ing World arrives on Channel 4 next week. Here's an exclusive clip...

Meet James and Alyssa. He thinks he's a psychopath; she hates everyone, except James, maybe, and the dad she hasn't seen for years. These two disaffected British teenagers embark on a road trip that takes them to some violent and unexpected places.

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Comic book adaptation The End Of The F***ing World is a caustic, wry story of adolescent rage and vulnerability. It's been carefully adapted from Charles Forsman's Us graphic novels by Charlie Covell, and stylishly directed by Jonathan Entwistle and Lucy Tcherniak.

Think True Romance meets Submarine. With all the makings of a cult hit,

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