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‘Bring It On: Worldwide Showdown’ Review

Stars: Vivica A. Fox, Christine Prosperi, Jordan Rodrigues, Sophie Vavasseur, Gio Lodge-o’Meally, Stephan Benson | Written by Alyson Fouse | Directed by Robert Adetuyi

After being challenged to a global cheerleading showdown by an ambitious new rival, national champion Destiny (Prosperi) and her team set out to compete in a virtual cheerleading competition organised by the Cheer Goddess (Fox). Taking on squads from all over the world, Destiny is pushed to the limit as she attempts to lead her team to glory.

I know what you’re thinking: “There’s Another Bring It On movie?” Apparently there is… This time round we’re scrapping the bottom of the proverbial story barrel, once again rehashing concepts from other movies to create a story which screams been-there-done-that. Gone is the charisma and charm of the early films and in comes more of a Disney Channel level of storytelling and acting, with an obsession

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