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Interview: Ryan Gregory Phillips Talks Blending Genres for His Horror/Sci-Fi Thriller Shortwave

Arriving on VOD this Tuesday, October 24th is Ryan Gregory Phillips’ sci-fi/horror mash-up Shortwave, which explores the phenomena of shortwave radio signals, and the dark and deadly secrets that they can carry along various frequencies. The film stars Cristobal Tapia Montt, Juanita Ringeling, Kyle Davis, and Sara Malakul Lane, and follows a couple (Montt and Ringeling) as they try to rebuild their lives after their daughter was abducted, but their new home is somehow tied into her abduction, and we see how the introduction of shortwave communication brings some harsh realities into the light.

Daily Dead recently chatted with Phillips about Shortwave, and he discussed blending genres for his ambitious feature, the integral part sound design plays in the film, as well as collaborating with his Dp Lucas Gath, and more.

We've seen films that featured some of the concepts you’ve used in this before—shortwave radio spectrums,

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