Halloween 2017: Heavy Metal Horror Double Feature – Deathgasm and The Devil’S Candy

[To get you into the spooky spirit, the Daily Dead team is spotlighting double features that we think would be fun to watch this Halloween season. Keep an eye on Daily Dead for more double feature recommendations, and check here for our previous Halloween 2017 coverage.]

This October, get ready to rock (queue bending guitar notes). Because Daily Dead productions brings you the rock event of the season with Heavy Metal Halloween (queue random explosion noises). Live, from whatever venue you want to call your house, we’ve got two face-melting, pants-dropping flicks that are sure to leave your guests on their knees worshipping at the altar of the gods of rock (queue the Rob Halford knock-off kind of, sort of, not really hitting a high note).

Okay, don’t worry. I’m not going to keep using the crappy concert ad gimmick, but this feature is going to lean heavy on the heavy metal. Think of this Halloween season double feature recommendation as an opening act and headliner that will make for a great show where metal is the connective thread, but each movie has its own tone and themes that will give at least

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