Lionsgate picks up Producer Mem Ferda’s 2017 Christmas Horror 'Once Upon A Time At Christmas'

Prolific Actor-Producer Mem Ferda teamed up with fellow British Actor/Producer Simon Phillips and Director Paul Tanter, to bring us the thrilling horror feature for 2017 Once Upon A Time at Christmas.

Once Upon a Time At Christmas, takes place in upstate New York, where the locals are looking forward to their holiday season, that is until Santa Claus (Simon Phillips) and Mrs Claus (Sayla de Goede) decide to visit and spread bloodshed instead of good will.

Faced with a series of slayings by the one- eyed Santa and the curvy bat-swinging blonde Mrs Calus, local cop Sam (Jeff Ellenberger) and high-schooler Jennifer (Laurel Brady) desperately try to unravel the series of horrific homicides sweeping across their town. Will they be able to put a stop to it before there’s no one left to celebrate at Christmas!

Mem Ferda (London Heist, Smoking Guns) commented "I’m elated to

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