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‘Cabin 28′ DVD Review

Stars: Terri Dwyer, Brendee Green, Harriet Rees, Lee Bane, Derek Nelson, Gareth Lawrence, Jason Homewood, Linny Bushey, Sean Rhys-James, Alexander Bradwell, Jevan White, Ryan Michaels | Written by John Klyza | Directed by Andrew Jones

Based on a true story, Cabin 28 is a collaboration between writer John Klyza – a man whose work in the Sleepaway Camp fan community is legendary (Klyza ran The definite Sc website, one of my earliest go-to’s back in the day, eventually parlaying that into helping to find and reconstruct the long-lost Sleepaway Camp 4), and Welsh filmmaker Andrew Jones, more commonly known as the auteur behind the Robert franchise and the founder of British production company North Bank Entertainment, which has been pumping out genre product on a regular basis for most of this decade.

Klyza and Jones actually share something in common: Since his days as webmaster, Klyza has penned 4 films for director Dustin Ferguson

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