The 5 Weirdest Super Hero Adaptations Ever

There have been some very good super-hero adaptations, some very bad ones, and some very weird ones. Here are five film and TV reworkings of popular super heroes that made fans scratch their heads and say “Wha…?”

The 3 Mighty Men (Aka 3 Dev Adam): Better known as Turkish Spider-Man, this strange, low-budget 1973 super hero flick has Captain America teaming up with popular masked Mexican wrestler El Santo, to fight the evil villain—Spider-Man? Yes, Spider-Man is the villain in this one. With the help of a slim Kingpin and some female henchwomen, Spidey stabs, strangles and even uses carnivorous gerbils to slay his victims. I’m not sure why Captain America is operating in Turkey, or why he doesn’t have a shield, or why he’s teaming with a Mexican wrestler, or why Spider-Man is criminal now, and what the hell what up with those puppets? (Don’t ask!

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