Dementia 13 Screens at Schlafly Bottleworks November 2nd

“Castle Haloran is a bit perplexing, a very strange place really, old and musty, the kind of place you’d expect a ghost to like to wander around in.”

Dementia 13 screens Thursday November 2nd at 7:00pm at Schlafly Bottleworks (7260 Southwest Avenue Maplewood, Mo 63143).

Dementia 13 is famous for being the directorial debut of Francis Ford Coppola, but it’s more than that. No, really!

The film starts when a greedy widow covers up her husband’s death in order to get his share of his rich mother’s inheritance. During the course of her scheme she visits her husband’s relatives in the family’s castle. There she learns of their dark past, and finds more than she bargains for!

It sounds like a mystery, and, well, it is… but it’s also a proto- slasher horror film, with gore that won’t impress today’s fans, but

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