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TV review: The Savoy | Accused

The Savoy hotel is glamorous. The manager is bonkers. So why was the show so dull?

We've been having some team bonding sessions here at Guardian Towers. "'I am Guardian' has a lovely sound to it, hasn't it?" says the editor, addressing us at morning editorial conference. "But what does 'I am Guardian' really mean?"

Hmmm. We stare at our feet, because we're grumpy, old-fashioned journalists, and we've no idea what the hell he's talking about. I am Guardian? No I'm not. This is the Guardian, and I'm a person who works for it. I am Guardian? That's just nonsense.

He's not giving up on it though. "Today is about understanding what it is about the personality and character that we believe defines 'I am Guardian'," he says. And then he divides us into two groups, the "I"s and the "am"s. The "I"s stand up with their hands in the air,

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