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Here’s Your First Gruesome Look At The Amityville Murders: A Haunting On Long Island

The Amityville franchise has clocked up an astonishing 18 installments to date. Inspired by the critical and financial success of 1979’s The Amityville Horror (still one of the most commercially successful indie films of all-time), various production companies have been churning out sequels, remakes and re-imaginings for the last couple of decades now.

The most recent is Amityville: The Awakening, shot in 2014 and released straight-to-video last week – our review here. Next up though we’ve got The Amityville Murders: A Haunting on Long Island, and courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, we now have a sneak peek of what’s coming.

The genesis of the series was the experiences of the Lutz family, who moved into a haunted house and experienced all manner of ghostly happenings. The previous occupiers of the house were the DeFeos, who met a grisly end at the hand of patriarch Ronald DeFeo Jr. One misty night, he

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