Susanna Reid: ‘People come up and say, “How on earth do you deal with Piers Morgan?”’

With a 4am alarm and a confrontational co-host, how does the Good Morning Britain presenter keep her cool?

Everything is thrown into the melting pot of breakfast TV. Presenting a show like Good Morning Britain, as Susanna Reid has done since 2014, means juggling breaking news, slippery politicians and the victims of awful tragedies, along with celebrity interviews, recipes and what to wear this autumn, all the while judging the right level of openness and distance. On the sofa, Reid has a carefully cultivated air of being “just like us”. She’ll share selfies before and after the TV makeup has gone on, and she’s been known to well up during particularly harrowing stories. She also has the deeply efficient air of a woman who has presented live TV and radio for the last three decades. She beams professional warmth, but she’s briskly no-nonsense. She is often on the

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