Horror Highlights: Terror Threads’ Halloween Shirts, Kaleidoscope, Ghost Box, My Little Sister, Apocalypse Streaming Service, Beneath Us, Rusty Revolver, New Horror Books

Sad that the Halloween season is over already? Have no fear, it has been extended! Check out the new Halloween shirts revealed by Terror Threads that get this edition of Horror Highlights rolling. Also: Kaleidoscope release details and trailer, Ghost Box short story collection edited by Patton Oswalt, a clip and trailer for My Little Sister, TV4 Entertainment and The Asylum's new Apocalypse streaming service, Beneath Us acquisition details, info on the new comic Rusty Revolver, and info on Christopher Michael Carter's new horror novels.

New Halloween Shirts from Terror Threads: Press Release: "Death has come to your little town! Terror Threads celebrates the night he came home with a collection of John Carpenter's Halloween apparel.

A whopping 16 exclusive, officially-licensed Halloween shirts are for sale, ranging from newly commissioned artwork to vintage production stills turned into unique shirt designs.

Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, Dr. Loomis, the Myers house, and more

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