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6:66 Pm is the Time for Terror for these Paranormal Investigators

Tagline: “Evil has an hour to kill!” Jim Klock's 6:66 Pm has just released through Video-on-demand, this week. The film is a blend of horror and comedy. Recently at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film festival, this title won "Best Comedy Feature." In the film, several supernatural investigators find out that a home is actually haunted by a serial killer. 6:66 Pm stars Chad Ridgely (Massacre on Aisle 12), Autumn Federici (Haunting of the Innocent), Alexis Kelly, Robin F. Baker and many others. A look at the film's launch is available here. The new VOD artwork shows the investigators. They are woefully under prepared for what their latest haunt has in store for them. The setting can be seen in the poster. And, this quintet might not survive what this evil has in store for them. 6:66 Pm has released on three VOD platforms. Currently, this title is available through: iTunes,

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