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‘Ghost Witch’ VOD Review

Stars: Chase Steven Anderson, Mandi Christine Kerr, Josh Sinyard, Christina Pykles, Jessie Bockenek, Joseph Lavender, Elizabeth Barrett, Mandee Bloodworth | Written by Joseph Lavender, Jarrod Musselwhite | Directed by Joseph Lavender

Ghost Witch tells of a group of paranormal investigators that, thanks to one of their number being rescued by a local girl at a pool party (yes, that’s one hell of a convoluted introduction), agree to spend the night at the house where said local girl – Mattie – was attacked by an angry spirit as a child, and where a Native American girl was brutally murdered two centuries ago. Once there, they are stalked and possessed as the truth about what happened there is revealed, as they all become unwilling participants in the ghost witch’s plan for vengeance.

Another slice of paranormal horror that is apparently “based on true events”, Ghost Witch is a cliched supernatural horror that was reportedly

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