The Lego Movie Franchise: The Marriage of Movies and Merchandising

Sarah Myles on The Lego Movie franchise and the marriage of movie merchandising…

Forty years ago, there was a seismic shift in the film industry, when Bernard Loomis of Kenner Toys decided that Star Wars was ‘toyetic.’ That shift, all those years ago, has led us on a journey of courtship between movies and merchandising, that has brought us to The Lego Movie franchise. There have been many diversions along way – perhaps, most notably, Hasbro and the Transformers film franchise – but Lego… well, Lego is different. Lego – with all its flexibility and trans-generational appeal – has created the ultimate marriage between movies and merchandise.

The rise of movie merchandising

Bernard Loomis was a toy development executive who had worked for Mattel during the introduction of its Hot Wheels line of toy cars in the late 1960s, and proposed the animated television show that subsequently went along with it. Such an endeavour proved problematic,

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