High Quality Justice League Post-Credits Scene Confirms Sequel’s Villains

Day by day, we’re beginning to form a better understanding of Justice League‘s post-credits scenes – and yes, that’s scenes plural – no thanks to the slew of spoilers leaking onto the interwebs.

For those who aren’t all that fussed by spoiler-sensitive material, Christmas has come early, as the past 24 hours have uncovered countless revelations about Justice League, Joss Whedon’s contribution, and the definitive answer regarding Green Lantern’s alleged involvement – or lack thereof.

But this newly-unveiled bootleg recording takes the biscuit. First posted to Reddit (watch here), it’s essentially the full, high-res version of yesterday’s leak, in which Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor broached the idea of a supervillain team-up with Slade Wilson, the hardened mercenary otherwise known as Deathstroke. Sporting an eye patch and a rather badass, gravely voice, Joe Manganiello certainly looks the part as Batman’s nemesis, and this super-secret meeting

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