Richard Armitage interview: Audible’s Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, My Zoe, The Hobbit and more

Duncan Bowles Nov 15, 2017

Richard Armitage chats to us about his new audio production, Dracula, The Hobbit, his upcoming projects and more...

Just the other month we had the pleasure of chatting to Richard Armitage when he was promoting Pilgrimage, but as luck (and his productivity) would have it, we were given the opportunity for a catch up about his latest voice performance, with the Audible release of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde.

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story comes as part of The Monster Collection, a Gothic trilogy which also includes a reading of Frankenstein by Dan Stevens and Dracula by Greg Wise. There’s also ‘an exclusive introduction by Dr. Maria Mellins and Dr. Peter Howell, Senior Lecturers in Gothic literature at St Mary's University, London’ who, strangely enough, are both people I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years – it’s a small world indeed.

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