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"James Toback Humped My Leg In Central Park"

An Interview with the makers of Infinity Baby

2017: The Weinstein’s, Toback’s, Spacey’s, C.K’s, Affleck’s, and Hoffman’s of the film world have, for the first time, been ousted from their Hollywood havens and floated down an assembly line into the best short-term rehab facilities movie money can buy.

The effect is all encompassing, not just for filmmakers & entertainers, but for politicians (George H.W Bush, Al Franken), and the civilians who consume them, too. The influence is so sweeping that, come the 40th Denver Film Festival, a Toback story derailed an interview organized between the cast and crew of the feature film Infinity Baby, that was held in a small corner of the city’s Civic Center.

In attendance: Infinity Baby’s director Bob Byington (7 Chinese Brothers, Harmony & Me), its writer Onur Tukel (Catfight, The Misogynists), and its star Trieste Kelly Dunn (Banshee,

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