Review: ‘Destined’ Shows Two Paths and Complexity of Consequences

A young boy residing in the Brewster projects of Detroit follows his friend to a stash house unaware that the consequences of this moment will shape the rest of his life. He’s coerced into dealing as a means for survival—the only way to convince his friend’s bosses that he isn’t a snitch being to actually engage in the activities he would be snitching on. So he ignores another friend just trying to say hello, his fear towards talking to her while “working” too much to utter a single word. A car pulls up, he walks over, and chaos commences. Off he runs with two grown men in pursuit. Either he avoids a speeding car by falling (and getting caught) or he diverts trajectory and keeps going.

Instead of choosing one outcome to follow, writer/director Qasim Basir brings both to life. One fork leads this boy

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