‘WWE 2K18′ Review (PS4)

I’ve been playing WWE video games all my life – from the early days of the Nes and the likes of Wrestlemania Challenge, through a myriad of consoles and handhelds, to as recently as WWE 2K16 on the PS4; and in that time the games have changed a Lot. So, after decades of change, why now does it feel like the WWE video game franchise is becoming stale?

Of course it might just be me… You see I have a love/hate relationship with the WWE games, I love playing them but hate losing – and towards the end of my time with WWE 2K16 I felt like I was losing more than winning. Selfish I know but those are the breaks! It’s the same reason why, I feel, that with the modern WWE video games it’s best, generally, to skip a release or two and come back to

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